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Default Some plugins sometime don't load, sometime load

I have this issue frequently nowdays. When I'm working in a busy project with many tracks and want to add a plugin to any track, it just won't load. I can see the plugin's name in the mixer but it is greyed out. But when I restart Reaper then plugins which previously didn't load, load perfectly. But after sometime it happens again. I have to exit Reaper and load the project again and then load the plugin and it works. Only some plugins have this issue. It happens mainly with busy projects with many tracks and plugins. But my CPU and RAM seems to be ok, showing about 60% of usage.

Another similar issue happens quite often is that when I want to export the project to mp3, it says there is no Lame encoder, it's installed though. After reboot the Lame encoder works.

Thank you in advance for any advice

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Default Can't Load SE Plugin

This is new. I have an existing project I've been working on. Nothing new has changed, but when I start up REAPER I get this message. Have to click OK about 120 times to finally get it to start up. These are .sem files that it can't find under the Plugins\C12-M Mastering Processor\CS12M folder. The window is called SynthEdit.

Is this the same problem you are having?
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Terry Wests stuff was great back when we were all on 32bit and usually XP.

I found they got more and more unpredictable once I moved to 64bit even with Reapers excellent bridging software.

Are you still running 32bit? If you are on 64bit this could be the cause of the problem.

Forgot to add that Terry is still very much around and often visits here....
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