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I've used the FF UC since their beta program and did think the interface got quite warm after a while.

For this very reason it sits on top of my stack of stuff and has an empty DVD cover underneath it to further facilitate a little more heat dissipation.

The power supply is a little KTEC brick.

The one to get is the NT-RME-2 powersupply.
Input: 100 - 240V~ 50/60 Hz, 2A, for Fireface UCX, Fireface UC, QuadMic, Babyface, ADI-2, ADI-4DD.

There's a version that's lockable, whatever that means, which is for the MADIface XT, QuadMic II, Babyface Pro and ADI-2 Pro.

Nothing on power supplies for any other products, at least at a casual glance.
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I had the FF800 for over 10 years and almost never turned it off except once or twice. Went away for the weekend once and turned it off - it never turned back on. Managed to replace the power supply and got a few more years out of it and then it died when the mains power went off and back on again - couldn't get a replacement power supply. Now have the FF802, fingers crossed it lasts for 10 years or more but now all my gear is attached to a battery backup system (just in case).
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Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
Ah nice. I meant the PSU though.
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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
Maybe you, I and Dave can just design our own. But tbh, I don't think that much is wrong with the existing PSU other than component quality, well at least a couple of the caps.
Perhaps there's a market in offering an upgrade service for RME units with these PSU's.
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Originally Posted by airon View Post
Nothing on power supplies for any other products, at least at a casual glance.
Have a look here:

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