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Default What's the Best Laptop For Live under $1,000?

I'm looking for a laptop (or notebook) running Win 7 that will handing live gigs using VSTi and samples etc.
Basically soft synths in Reaper using my Arturial Keylab 61 (or 88) so using Arturia's soft synths, Omnisphere, Trillian etc.

I would like to run Kontakt 5 with some sample piano libs live with the 88 keylab controller on bottom and the 61 keylab controller on top.

I would also like this laptop to be able to play my 24bit tracks mixed in with some video tracks so I could have a live projection system playing the video, shooting on a screen behind me while I perform live to the tracks.

I probably wouldn't need lots of ram (6 to 8 gigs) and probably like a dual core processor or something.

I would also like this laptop to perhaps handle a midi light controller while the video is playing. Still not using much processing power I would think.

Could do all this in Reaper (or some program) while the program played the sound track/videos and the midi lights programed to change with the vid?

Then, I would just simply play synths on midi channels 1, 2, 3 etc. using my Keylab controllers.

So samples loaded into it streaming would be maybe 3 gigs or so. Synths would just use the processor along with the video track and the 24bit mix.

It would be nice to spend like $500 to $700 or so, but it I need to spend more that's ok.

Any thoughts? Would something like a Dell work?



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