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Default Media Item properties window stays up after renaming

At least in OS X. You need to rename one media item, you click on it, bring up the properties window, click 'rename', it brings up the rename window, you enter new name. The save button there is hilighted so you can just hit return and in fact you have to in order to get rid of that window (or click on save). At this point the item is actually renamed, though the item properties window remains up, and because the job has been accomplished the apply button is greyed out. OK, don't even need to hit apply because it's already been renamed. But the properties window has to be dismissed by clicking OK or the window closing button.

So the two nits are: why can't the item be renamed from within the properties window, as all the other functions can, without bringing up the OS X file window? And;

It would make sense if the item properties window would close if the apply button stays greyed out, saying "no point clicking me, no new changes to apply" and clicking OK is pointless because you can see in the project that the media's name has already changed. The properties window getting returned to and just needing to be dismissed is nit #2. : )
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