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Robert Randolph
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Default Glue Items commands are oddly named relative to item menus

So in the default item menu we have actions called "Glue items" and "Glue Items within time selection".

When going to the actions window though...

The item called "Glue items within time selection" is called "Glue items"!

For the action that's called "Glue items" in the item menu, you need to select "Glue items, ignoring time selection".

That's rather confusing when trying to re-adjust menus
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Yes - this is why you have to be very attentive
when choosing "Glue": One Command is put positive
(within time selection), the other is a denial
(ignore time selection).
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Welcome to the quantum reality of the Action List names.

Wait till you hit upon all the "cut/delete/remove" fun stuff!
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Reminds me I should change that shortcut. I literally never care about the time selection when gluing items, but could sure use a shortcut.
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I find using Breeder's Glue Tool script and its GUI to be helpful for ignoring the glue commands in the action list. It's all I ever need for gluing and gives a few concise functions/choices.
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