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Originally Posted by n0rd View Post
I made a Soundcloud group a while back specifically for people who make electronic music with Reaper.

Reaper la Electronica

It seems to have a weird ebb and flow of content which is cool.

I sometimes struggle to keep the spam out since the "new" Soundcloud no longer allows me to remove tracks from the group unless I make it fully moderated.

Just stumble upon this topic. Have linked to the group (as GridlockMomentum) and added two tracks that are both electronic (actually made for the KVR One Synth Challenge) and of course made with Reaper.
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Originally Posted by smueske View Post
Ha, I popped back in to see how things are in Reaperland. Really happy to see this thread getting some love.

Viente, checked out your track and really like the sound and development. Nice work!
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Default Ron Gallipoli Loves You All

Ron Gallipoli Loves You All was recorded entirely in Reaper. A combination of sample manipulation, synth (VST), field recordings, and live vocals (with the odd bit of live bass, etc.) It got a lot of student radio airplay here in New Zealand, and was also nominated for the Critics' Choice Award (but Ron had to withdraw the nomination for reasons I won't go into here.)


available on itunes, spotify etc.
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Originally Posted by moonfiremusic View Post
The reason why that lame and stupid music has any success (Martin whatever, Avicii) is because the vast majority of people are uneducated and have a morbid attraction to simple things that their dumbed down brains can process.
Totally Bollocks!!!
This must be one of the most lame and stupid ways I have ever seen anyone called music lovers, listeners and ppl in general uneducated, morbid and dumb!

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