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Great song. I think some songs do really well with the vocals right down in the mix. I think this is one of those.
Maybe the vocals are a little 'dry' but they still seem ok to me. Perhaps a really short delay a bit off centre may get them to sit better?... maybe not.
Still a great song
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great song. very, very nice!

more space, big space and big sound would make this into an opus, I think. not lots of reverb, but very much more stereo width and more bass and more highs, so that the jingle jangle comes out really jingly jangly.
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Cool tune! Have to agree with the space thing though. Sounds VERY Floydish and that's a good thing so keep the length as is. JMHO, YMMV, etc...

Lead instruments sound a tad too out front compared to the drums.
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