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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post

Why the sigh?

oh sorry, i get it now. i was completely carried away. nevermind..

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Originally Posted by chip mcdonald View Post
There is a really great and simple composing app available for Android and IPhone called "Chordbot" that I wish was available as a VST. For someone wanting to learn to hear progressions and voice leading it would be very useful.
It would be great as a VST. I hope that happens. I just found Chordbot yesterday, and even though I play and write the traditional way, I like this little app, and it already is helping me comp and work out arrangements to things I've got lying around.

derek.john.evans mentioned a lot of great ways to find and create something "new". With Chorbot you can manually input any chords you want from any existing song and change the tempo, key, and basic style, and then re-sell it as your own. It really is that simple.

But make no mistake: It's no substitute for knowing how to do things the old school way. If you select "bad" chords- things that don't work together- it will sound just that.

The GM sounds are decent enough. It's got nice export, and cut & paste features. If I like something I've written, I can export the MIDI, email the file, fire up Reaper and my favorite vst, and start tracking & adding what I like.
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Chordbot is the bee's knees.
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Originally Posted by Sibben View Post
To only thing it will really do is to let you trigger chords within a key but I find that sufficient to try out progressions. You need to set up the key and set it to actually trigger the triad (or whatever you like). This is not the default setting which is very confusing. Don't have it in front of me but check the various drop down menus which let's you set how it builds a chord from a root note. Then you can then set up your progressions by simply sending the root note via MIDI (as in having a MIDI clip with the roots on each 1) or click the chords in the actual plugin window. As for Android Chordbot I think the mentioned ChordPulse app is the most similar that I know of.
Thanks for your help!!
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Or Chord Pad, it lets you create chord progressions in minutes (less even), than you export midi and there you go
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I practice my chords and progression writing in reapers notation. Its very similar to writing on paper except I can directly hear the results with any vst I choose.

I can imagine this would be a hassle, but I use a windows tablet with a stylus to input my notes so its very close to writing on paper and much faster/easier than with the mouse.
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