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Default ProTools splash screen

just a quick work I did myself, to match various ProTools Reaper Themes, enjoy

link: https://i.imgur.com/cexIzAE.png

howto use/install:
Reaper Preferences -> General -> "Advanced UI/system tweaks" there's location path you can select for "Custom splash screen image"
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use pro tools instead
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I understand why someone might like a theme from another daw enough to borrow visual cues for their own Reaper theme (perhaps making their own adjustments to taste) but why copy the splash screens?
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I'd like a Reaper splashscreen for ProTools.
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A technical issue: The chap in the background is doing the wrong hand gesture.

Only needs one finger.

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Default Pro Tools Splash screen

This is just wrong USE Pro Tools if that is your thing
Why ruin Reaper making it look like Pro Tools
People use Reaper instead of Pro Tools for many reasons
If you want Reaper to look like Pro Tools!
Just get Pro Tools and call it a day!!!!!!

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