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Default Syncing track selection between extensions


I am using an Icon QCon Pro as my main control surface, using the excellent Klinke MCU extension. I am currently writing an additional csurf extension to control the FX parameters for the currently selected track using a BCR2000.
The idea is to select a track on the QCon/MCU by pressing the 'track select' button and the FX extension then maps some selected plugin parameters to knobs on the BCR. So far it is coming together nicely, but I can't seem to get the track selection working properly. Everything works fine when selecting a track in Reaper using the mouse. But when I select a track via the QCon/MCU the selection is not seen by my extension. The the mixer and TCP are showing the new track selection on-screen, but somehow Reaper does not seem to send the selection change to the extensions via the API.

I am using the "OnTrackSelection" API function to detect track selection changes, is there a better API function for this that I missed?
Or is there a way to detect track selection changes via polling? I am polling a lot of stuff anyway...

Any help would be most welcome!

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Never mind, I solved it.
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