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Default Connect External USB interface (M-Audio)

I know I'm going to come off sounding like an idiot, but I'm new to this whole computer effects world. Especially the part about configuring my hardware in Jesusonic. I have a MobilePre USB from M-Audio and I haven't figured out how to get it to run. I noticed that when I connected to MPre and started Jesusonic that it was an option for the sound input and output as opposed to only "Built-in audio." I got excited and selected it but then I was given an array of options that I had no idea what to do with:

Additional options:
-foot /dev/ttyS0 : uses Jesusonic Footboard on com1

Buffer and format options:
-bufsize <X> : use buffer blocks of <X> bytes
-nbufs <X> : use <X> buffers
-s <X> or -srate <X> : use samplerate <X>Hz
-nch <X> : use <X> channels -- must be 1 or 2
-bps <X> : use <X> bits/sample -- must be 16, 24 or 32

Options useful for embedded systems:
-noquit : prevents user quitting
-nowriteout : disables 'W'riteout support
-maxmem <X> : limits user data to <X>mb

I'm pretty much confused on all of these so if someone could break down what each meant and what I have to do to get it running I would be greatly in debt to you (sort of... maybe just really appreciative.) Thanks.
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What operating system are you running? If Linux, Unix, or similar, what version of the kernel are you employing?
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