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Default MIDI only effect?

How do I get Ableton to recognize my plugin as a MIDI only effect?

Currently Ableton expects my plugin to take audio as an input.

This plugin should take a MIDI input and then output MIDI. It is not designed to process audio.

I want to be able to place the effect before an instrument to process incoming MIDI messages.

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It's not possible for a plugin to act in the same way as a native Ableton midi effect, unfortunately. (Except Max for Live plugins). It will either be treated as an instrument or an audio effect depending on how you've configured your plugin, neither of which can be dropped into a track to the left of an instrument.

However if you've setup your plugin as an instrument that processes and sends midi (several threads on here that have helped me do this), you can use it in much the same way, it just means a more complicated setup in Ableton using multiple tracks.

e.g. drop your plugin into track A as an instrument. Put your actual synth on track B. Under midi inputs for track B, select track A and also the name of your plugin in the second drop down. Your plugin should now control the synth. I think you might need to set monitor to 'In'.

For more complicated routing, I find the best way is to use blank midi tracks as though they are 'patching cables'. On an empty midi track, you can set both midi input and output, thereby connecting any midi signal from X to Y. You can use this to connect up various instances of plugins and synths etc.
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