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Default Squashman [JSFX] - GUI-based automateable multi-band saturator / distortion unit

Hello, I have made another thing.


Squashman is a multi-band saturation / distortion plugin that allows modulation of several of its parameters. Squashman is currently in alpha status but should be usable already. There may still be some bugs, but the advantage of getting in early is that you could help shape its future

The best way to install Squashman and be kept up to date with updates is to add the following repository to your Reapack: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jo...ster/index.xml

You can find more information on how to do this here: https://reapack.com/user-guide#import-repositories

You can find some more information on Squashman and the repository here: https://github.com/JoepVanlier/JSFX.


- Optional high quality oversampling
- Flexible band count, up to five bands can be used to manipulate sound
- 24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters
- Graphical user interface
- 25 modulatable waveshapers and 4 fixed ones.
- Several modulation sources (4 LFOs with optional tempo sync and triggering, 2 MIDI triggered and/or loopable envelopes).



As for all my stuff, the usual caveat applies. Use this entirely at your own risk. I don't take any responsibility for this thing messing up a project, but I do hope this plugin is useful to some of you.

Depending on the number of subsystems you enable, the plugin can get pretty CPU hungry. Don't use more bands than you need.

A special thanks goes out to all the people who have already helped with testing and feature requests as well as nitsuj for providing a nice oversampling reference

To-do list
- Oversampling for Squashman.
- Add 2 LFOs to Squashman.
- Add tempo synchronization to Squashman LFOs.
- Add envelopes to Squashman.
- Copy band settings to other band in Squashman.
- Add ability for envelopes to affect LFOs in Squashman.
- Refactor some of the widgets to their own separate file in Squashman.
- Add mouse-wheel fine controls for knobs.
- Add quick dry/wet toggle for Squashman.
- Add ability to modulate Squashman's shape mod and feedback / delay options.
- Add ability to put envelopes on the LFO rate / amount.
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