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Default reascript: The MIDI data before D_POSITION

So for each MIDI clip in a given track I am creating a blank clip with matching start time and length on the track below. I then copy the notes from the source item's current take to the destination, applying some processing to each note. I don't need cc information or anything like that, just raw notes. Anyway that is all working fine on nice vanilla MIDI clips but it all comes apart on clips that have been split.

The problem is reaper.GetMediaItemInfo_Value with D_POSITION tells me where the source item's left edge (effective start point) is on the timeline BUT the item itself has MIDI data before that point i.e. you can grab the left edge and drag it left to reveal notes before that point. However MIDI_GetNote gives me note positions as ppq starting from zero (the actual start point) and seems to have no concept of the "effective" start point.

Ideally I need to get the item's "actual" start point in seconds (were it fully unfurled) on the timeline, create a new clip starting at the actual start, copy all the notes to the new item, then adjust that item's "effective" start and end points to match the source clip.

I've spent a couple of hours staring at the API docs now and I can't see how I can accomplish this. I can't see anything that embodies the concept of an "actual" start or end point at all but maybe I just don't know the right term for such a thing yet.

I guess the other way to accomplish this would be to use the built in actions to copy the item then remove the cc data etc and process/move the notes in place but that feels kinda kludgey to me so I'd rather do it this way if that's possible.

Help please! Happy to post the code if that is helpful.
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I believe you're looking for:
 reaper.GetMediaItemTakeInfo_Value( take, parmname )
D_STARTOFFS : double *, start offset in take of item
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Roger Heathcote
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Aha fantastic! That looks like exactly what I need Thanks for the super quick response!
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