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Default Rename track FX using ReaScript?

I see that I can get the name of a track FX using TrackFX_GetFXName, but is there any way of setting the name of a rack FX using reScript? I don't find any TrackFX_SetFXName function.
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Currentlly only possible with chunking (the implementation is old and awful, could be improved):

  function SetFXName(track, fx, new_name)
    if not new_name then return end
    local edited_line,edited_line_id, segm
    -- get ref guid
      if not track or not tonumber(fx) then return end
      local FX_GUID = reaper.TrackFX_GetFXGUID( track, fx )
      if not FX_GUID then return else FX_GUID = FX_GUID:gsub('-',''):sub(2,-2) end
      local plug_type = reaper.TrackFX_GetIOSize( track, fx )
    -- get chunk t
      local _, chunk = reaper.GetTrackStateChunk( track, '', false )
      local t = {} for line in chunk:gmatch("[^\r\n]+") do t[#t+1] = line end
    -- find edit line
      local search
      for i = #t, 1, -1 do
        local t_check = t[i]:gsub('-','')
        if t_check:find(FX_GUID) then search = true  end
        if t[i]:find('<') and search and not t[i]:find('JS_SER') then
          edited_line = t[i]:sub(2)
          edited_line_id = i
    -- parse line
      if not edited_line then return end
      local t1 = {}
      for word in edited_line:gmatch('[%S]+') do t1[#t1+1] = word end
      local t2 = {}
      for i = 1, #t1 do
        segm = t1[i]
        if not q then t2[#t2+1] = segm else t2[#t2] = t2[#t2]..' '..segm end
        if segm:find('"') and not segm:find('""') then if not q then q = true else q = nil end end
      if plug_type == 2 then t2[3] = '"'..new_name..'"' end -- if JS
      if plug_type == 3 then t2[5] = '"'..new_name..'"' end -- if VST
      local out_line = table.concat(t2,' ')
      t[edited_line_id] = '<'..out_line
      local out_chunk = table.concat(t,'\n')
      reaper.SetTrackStateChunk( track, out_chunk, false )
  track = reaper.GetTrack(0,0)
  SetFXName(track, 0, 'Damn FX name')
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