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Default JS: the Undertaken - octave down (+up) fuzz "pedal"

It's an analog style octave down comparator fuzz that allows you to mix the octave with the fuzz and the dry signal (and distort that whole thing together if you want). The envelope of the input can variably affect the octave down and the fuzz separately, and the fuzz part can be switched to a fullwave rectified "octave up".

There's some rudimentary wave shaping that will sort of take the octave down signal from square wave to trapezoid to saw up or saw down.

The output volume of the octave down varies pretty wildly based on control settings and even the input note, so I tried to do a kind of RMS leveling ("smoothification"), but I'm not sure it works that well, and that fader doesn't really seem to do much, and it might just be better (slightly less CPU anyway) without it.

The controls are named kind of silly, but at least kind of descriptive. I had considered just using random words relating to the mortuary industry, but this is where we sit for now. I did some playing with it to find what I felt like were usable ranges and defaults for all of them, but I'm completely open to suggestions on how to improve them.

The code isn't anything super fancy. Mostly uses filters I stole from Tale and SaulT and my own "logistic" saturation function. Definitely lmk if you see anything really stupid, or have ideas how I might make it more efficient.

It is only one channel of processing - summed mono in and dual mono out. I had it written for two channel true stereo, but it's not necessary for most things you'd do with it, and was using quite a lot of CPU. If you really want stereo, use two.

Be kind of careful because it is LOUD by default. It's intended to push into your favorite amp sim like any other pedal. It definitely benefits from the high end roll off from a guitar speaker (like any fuzz pedal sounds kinda crappy direct), and does lots of fun things when it hits a distorting amp.

Like any analog pedal of this type, it is best for single note lines and pretty much just makes a whole lot of horrible noise on chords. That's kind of the part I find the most fun.

Please let me know what you think.

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