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Default Blur Overlay?

Haven't put too much thought into this, Just wanna see what you guys think. In Synthedit, you can have overlays that will actually blur whatever image is underneath it, or text box.

Something like that, (that would blur under), Would I need to use an outside lib for that, or does LICE directly support something like this?

Again, I haven't looked into it yet, Just bringing up the idea of controls that modify. Such as Metalize (where it would add a metallic texture to your background, and things like that...

Just getting into Iplug a lot and feel like messin around Gonna try to add text box shadow today.. Doesn't seem like it will be that hard.

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i notice we have : GetGUI()->GrayOutControl(myControl, true);
so maybe one can write a new function based on that ?
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There is a LICE_Blur() in LICE, but I don't know how that works, or how to call it from within IPlug.
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I was looking for a way to shadow text labels using blur, as is done in image editors, but unfortunately I did not find a good way to do this.
I used the shadow for text labels by drawing the text in black and stepping back one pixel on all sides. I already drew text on top of this. The alpha channel value for the shadow color is set to 150.
It turned out like this:

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