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Default OSC over USB

Hello there

I'm building a MIDI controller and now I'd like to make it able o sen OSC messages too.

I'm close to do this properly now, but my problem is that Reaper expects an IP addres and a port to recognize these messages.

In another thread I was told to use OSCBot for that, but honestly I have no idea where to start. Is this the right way to proceed? Has anyone tried to do something similar before?

Thanks for the help
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OSCII-bot could be a useful means of converting Midi to OSC outside of your "Midi controller" and sending it on to Reaper without being dependant on complexity and features needed in the controller.

Otherwise, to do OSC, the hardware controller and its embedded software needs have all of
- a suitable interface hardware and transport mechanism for OSC
- the means of running (executing) a suitable OSC protocol library (to make the IP addressing and UDP implementation expected by Reaper easy)
- a means of editing and configuring the OSC strings to be suitable for Reaper or some other OSC target

This thread might be helpful https://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=181561
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I happily use OSCII-Bot to communicate with a Midi Control surface (i.e. via Reaper, but directly would work just as well) and forward the messages to and fro via OSCII-Bot with a Rack Mixer.

To allow for this, the newer versions of OSCII-Bot (and AFAIK, also Reaper) feature a "dialogue" mode that allows for bidirectional communication by answering to a device without knowing it's IP address. -> https://www.cockos.com/oscii-bot/oscii-bot-doc.html: "Note: in OSCII-bot v0.4+, you can send OSC messages to an OSC input device, which will send to the IP/port of the last message received. "


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