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Human being with feelings
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The thing that matters most is the quality of the mix you make.

The only way moving to a different DAW is going to improve your mix is if there truly is a new tool set or something there that lets you finally do something you were trying but prevented from doing before.

Like if your old DAW started crashing constantly after the Protools HD v9 update and all Digidesign had to say about it was to ask for more money, upgrading to Reaper would make your mixes better IMHO.

Most semi pro modern gear has the nuts and bolts functionality to let you work at a high level. Stuff like extra clean mic preamps with more headroom, top of the line converters and HD sample rates make it easier than ever to work. You have an extremely wide range of zero degradation. If you actually have something worth hearing it might give you that extra 5%. Maybe even a little more. The biggest advantage is zero loss all the way to the consumer and still very high quality even when things get compromised.
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Human being with feelings
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Thanks again Serr !!
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Originally Posted by Pruch View Post
Cyrano: Can you record in iTunes? Now I'm baffled...

Serr: I've never recorded with iTunes. I honestly didn't know it could!

Oooopsss ! Sorry ! I was rather speaking of streaming sites like Spotify!
I was right !! (must have been tired when I wrote this replies. It has been a very long time since I recorded what seems to gets the two of you flabbergasted! : recording from Itunes, or from Deezer or from Spotify, etc..
It is simple: you need Soundflower, which lets you do whatever you want with whichever sound is going through your Mac (record, play, mix, etc...).
In the System Prefs:
- INPUT: Internal (Built-in input or Mic as well !!)
- OUTPUT: Soundflower

In Garage Band (yes !! :-)) Prefs:
- INPUT: Soundflower (no monitoring possible...)
- OUTPUT: built-in output

The level is very low but the recording is not all bad ...
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Human being with feelings
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Yes, recording FROM itunes, that's possible, just as you could record from another DAW, VLC or a browser.

I figured you were saying you were recording IN itunes. And that would really have surprised me

And, yes, SoundFLower or Jack can route that, as there is no standard way in OSX to do that.

But what would be the use to record from itunes, as you have the songs already? Unless you'd want to record a mix from itunes. But in that case, I'd use Mixxx to do the DJ-ing. And Mixxx can store it's "mix" in the background without any additional routing. That's a lot easier on the system.

And I know lots of people record from the browser, but I prefer to download. Simpler and a lot faster.

The real challenge however, is recording from Skype...
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Patrice Brousseau
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Maybe a dumb question: why don't you use only the Quad-Capture for recording and playback?

I have the Octacapture on my MacBook Pro early 2011 and the Quad-capture on my I7 Hackintosh BTW. Great interfaces with a roundtrip latency around 6.5 - 7 ms at 64 buffer.

Originally Posted by Pruch View Post
strictly speaking you are RIGHT, it nevertheless remains that I never encountered the troubles I am in. From the beginning of my using Reaper 2 or 3 years ago, when I wanted to record I did it, when I wanted to listen to the playback I did it... without tweaking anything.
I used Digital Performer for years,with no problems. I tried Garage Band: very easy, no problems !!
As I already specified I also have the inverse problem: if Reaper (by chance!) gets in playback config. (this happens at the opening, not knowing why...!) I cannot record something on the same file I am working on, regardless of what I do...

I shall comply with this elementary rule:
- MacBook 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Memory: 2 Go 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM
- Reaper 4,591 / 64 (I tried the latest version on an iMac with Yosemite: the problem remains as such...)

I hope that this will be sufficient because I don't see what to add...
I apologize if my english is not perfect, I apologize too if I am not very clear in trying to describe my problems.

Thank you for your help anyway!
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