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Default Thank You !!!

Originally Posted by FeedTheCat View Post
Bit harder to do than you would think. Every time you change zoom level you'd need to notify the script that it changed. (either via a second script or while running in the background)

I have some scripts that will pick a smart zoom level based on how many notes and how long the notes are in the area you clicked on. If you installed my scripts via ReaPack there's a lot of option to "smart zoom".

No worries, if it works out it works out.
YEY you are back!

Hey yeah, zoom level: I was thinking it might be hard simply because each midi clip has it's own memory of its last state... so that made me wonder. If you get bored have a look at it as having one zoom level would be great. ( Once I get a nice ZL I can just leave it a never touch it again, or I zoom in then zoom back out to the nice ZL and close the ME window...)
How about a ZL indicator, that tells you what level you are at? That sounds weird but it's not really. Like a speedo on a car...

Smart ZL is not my thing. It's just gonna show different ZL's.... which still means I have to adjust the zoom to do midi surgery. Shrug...

My friend in Germany said YES and will do it this weekend. So you should get 10 euro in Ko-fi with my nickname. Dunno how much you pay for a coffee in a cafe over your place. Buy some beans! A coffee here in NZ at an upmarket cafe is about 4 Euro. I just don't go there.

You are awesome!

I will have a bunch of requests soon and more Euros for you. This is wild !!!

There was this idea... but I forgot it... hmmm. come on brain...

Thank you tons!

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