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Default Export Selected tracks as a new reaper project

Hello All,

Is there a way to export selected tracks into a new reaper project with the option of copying all the media and FX settings of the selected tracks ?

I do sound design in reaper and when I am sending tracks to someone who is also working with reaper, I would only like to send selected tracks. For example, in my project I have 32 tracks which are my final tracks, but in the same project I have tracks below which are work in progress tracks. Those are the tracks I use for constructing and when I am done with them I just move the comped tracks to my final 32 tracks. Is it possible to select only the comped tracks and export them as a seperate reaper project ? At the moment I am making a "save new version" option and I delete all the work in progress tracks which leaves me with all the comped tracks and then I do a "save project as". This works..but I feel it would be a lot easier if i dont create a new version and just select whatever i want to send and then "export as a new reaper project". Is there a way to do that currently?

Thank you,

Vijay Rathinam
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That specific action of exporting the tracks to a new project doesn't exist by default. Maybe you're not aware that you can have multiple projects open in tabs, in which case it's a simple matter of selecting the tracks and copy/pasting them between the tabbed projects. All the media and track fx will go along as well.

If you're doing this a lot you can make it easy with a custom action like:
Copy tracks
New project tab (ignoring default template)
Paste items/tracks
Save project

Just be sure to check the options when saving the new project so that you're copying and not moving the media shared between the two projects to the new location.
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Thank you very much
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This might be a good feature request actually.

It would save everyone a lot of time if this was in the File menu. I just hope someone remembers it when the developers have a little time to do such a thing.
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