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Default how to do GUI like reapack package browser?

i have no idea how to do this sort of GUI, and what language is behind, could any one point me a hello world?

Thank you all ! and cfillion
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ReaPack source is here (it's C++)


A basic extension plugin example is here:


Out of interest, what do you want to do exactly ?

Maybe it's sufficient to go the script route instead of (more advanced) C++ extension plugin route ? Lots of graphic things are also possible by scripts as can be seen by various scripters here.

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great! at the moment i am just curious as it looks so great. I had No idea it was on C++, has what i see of GUI elements in C++ been basically just Juce stuff and never seen this kind of Interface in a VST i was wondering if it's a framework, if this can compile in multiple systems or/and integrated with Juce and if it is worth. will check it now

Thank you
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I use the Windows C API through a custom C++ abstraction layer. On macOS and Linux I use SWELL by Cockos which roughly emulates a subset of that API (using macOS' Cocoa or GTK behind the scene). This reduces the amount of external dependencies and makes ReaPack have a similar look-and-feel to REAPER. SWS uses the same.

In addition to Juce there are many cross-platform GUI libraries out there (Qt, GTK, wxWidgets... see wikipedia's list) – often with wrappers available a ton of languages. They ultimately all use the operating system's API to some extent.

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Ok!this is defenetly not my league, And i want Tô avoid because my AIM is spend more time doing músic then developing for músic but since i AM using reaper the other side calls me Tô much. Thanks for clarifing To me about this. Wish you the Best Cfillion
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