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Default How to reset mouse modifier Shortcuts

Hey people, apologies if this is a duplicate thread, couldn't find what i was looking for, but if it already exists i will delete this thread.

I have customised my mouse modifiers quite extensively for the midi editor.
However, i tried making some buttons for mouse modifier shortcuts
(i.e shortcuts that change the default mouse modifier for left click and drag)

Once i clicked on the buttons (i put them on a toolbar) i cannot seem to unclick them.
I have tried using mouse modifier shortcut actions to change them back but the buttons are still pressed down on my toolbar.

I have gone back into preferences and changed and re changed my default mouse modifiers, but the shortcuts are still in effect.
I would just like to reset all mouse modifier shortcuts, so the ones i have set in preferences are the ones that are active.

Am I making any sense?
Sorry if this is a total newb question.
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Open Reaper resources folder (options menu), close Reaper and delete reaper-mouse.ini

Er, wait, you don't want to reset them completely, but to toggle them with a button, right? Then you'll need to use SWS Cycle Actions.

Create a cycle action with a separator, add the default behavior action and the alternate action on either side of the separator. Use the unfilled dot for toggle and then add that new action to your toolbar.
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