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Default JamStix 4.4.6 borked in Reaper 6 -- FIXED

I'm a couple of hours into troubleshooting on this. JS4 worked fine in Reaper5.

Now, the GUI doesn't fully load, and JS4 freezes whenever I try to load a Style, Groove, Kit, or Drummer. I've updated, messed with the JS .ini file, relocated data files, etc.

I realize that the issue may well lie with JS4, but it loads fast and smooth and completely in Studio One 4.60.

Any thoughts?

Next step is to get with Ralph at Rayzoon if no relief here, but the variable is Reaper, not JS.



Win7x64 Home Premium, 16 GB RAM, AMD PhenomII X4 920 CPU -- which means it doesn't have SSSE or AVX. Which shouldn't matter, but I thought I'd mention it. This is an older and extremely stable system.

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Hi GreyLion,

Do you mean Jamstix version 4.4.6? It runs fine in a portable install of Reaper 6.02 x64 here. Have you tried doing a repair of Jamstix with the Manager app?
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I gave the JS demo a spin a few weeks ago, seemed to work alright. But after a day or two Reaper stalled when opening a project, couldn't get passed the scanning of JS. So hasta la vista JS.
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4.4.6 running ok here on reaper 6.02 / win 7 64bit
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JamStix 4.4.6 running ok here in Win10 with all Reaper x64 installs. But occasionally there have been glitches e.g. when loading new kits or changing kit pieces. Reloading JS has usually helped with that. I remember similar already with JS3.
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Thanks for the feedback, guys!

I'm relieved that it isn't just me that it's glitched on a bit. I finally gave up, uninstalled everything, ran CCleaner to get rid of extraneous files and regkeys, re-installed, had that fail, re-re-installed -- and now it seems to be working fine. Haven't tested it extensively yet, but at least it's recognized, the full GUI is in place and sized right, and I can load kits, styles, and drummers.

The new installation is also about 20 GB less. Somehow, the original had created a dozen or so layers of data/data/data/data etc. folders, with duplicates both in Program Files and in the folder I designated for data files on my H: drive. No idea why or even how it would do that.


EDIT: -- Oops. Yeah, I meant 4.4.6. Typo on that. Fixed the thread title.
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