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Default Mix feedback - The Lizard

I'm working on a cover of The Lizard by Saigon Kick. Performance-wise it's pretty rough because I'm not all that skilled at this guitar thing, but I just want to know if I'm going the right direction mix-wise. I've left out the vocals for now because I'm totally unhappy with how they came out, and as a result it gets kind of boring during the verse parts (especially in the beginning).

Please listen to it at and let me know what you think of the mix.

I'm working with extremely minimal equipment here due to lack of funds. The guitars are DI, running through Amplitube. Bass is simulated by running the guitar through an octave effect, and I think it sort of works ok for this song because the guitars are already pretty far down (drop d and then everything down a half-step). Drums are EZDrummer with the Rock Solid kit, painstakingly hand-programmed (which I desperately wish I were better at).

Main guitars are double-tracked and panned hard left and right, with some compression and tape saturation applied. I carved a little of the lower midrange out of them to help the drums sit a little better, but I left more lows in them than I ordinarily might so that they could help out the faked bass. Drums are a little roomy, with fairly generous compression on the kick and snare, and a little on the toms. Reverb on the whole kit to add a little space. There's also some very light overall compression and reverb to glue things together.

I'm not very experienced at mixing, but I'm trying to learn. I'd really like some suggestions on how I can get a more polished sound. I will appreciate any and all feedback!
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