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Default Super tight precision editing

Hi, seeing if Reaper has a similar editing feature.

Before Reaper I was using a Yamaha AW16g, and while having many limitations, it did have an editing feature where you could adjust to milliseconds the time that it would continuously loop the sound either leading up to, or leading away from the time pointer. This was a neat feature for super tight editing. It allowed you to detect the onset of consonants and vowels, breaths, etc.
For fun and editing practice, I would have my wife read out loud a dialog I wrote about a wonderful picnic at a lovely park on a beautiful day, then, I would splice, dice and re-edit this dialog into a new story about her rolling in pig shit. Being able to loop audio at 5, 10, 20 milliseconds make this very doable and something you could get very good at.
I'd like to re-establish this technique in Reaper. Would you know if it has something specifically made for that type of precision and tight editing?

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Default Scrub?

So Yeah, I believe the feature on the AW16g was called "Scrub". Sort of what it did.

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what I do is use Audition as the external wav editor inside reaper. you can get extremely tiny with it.
and... say you isolate a looped section, you can save that as a new file.
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl

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Reaper gives you the ability to edit down to the sample level.
Much tighter! You'll like the upgrade.
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