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Default Mac recommendations

Let me preface this with the following: I am a Windows person that does everything in Visual Studio first. When the plugin is working, I move over to the Mac, and make whatever changes I need. Almost all of my work is done on Windows (translation - Mac is not my jam).

With that being said, what would the current recommendations be for a Mac/XCode development setup that includes compatibility for users running plugins in older versions of OS X. Recommendations like, OS X version, XCode version, Base SDK, Deployment Target, etc.

Also, are there any tricks that are needed to get everything working? For example, I saw a thread that a VST3 SDK version broke compiles on OS X, and an older one was recommended.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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The main decisions are the oldest MacOS version (target) you choose to support, and whether you support 32-bit (in addition to 64-bit). I developed a plugin for a big player that just started shipping. The spec was laid out more than a year ago, targeted to 10.8 and 64-bit only—that covers the last 10 years. Mac users upgrade sooner than Windows users, who tend to stick with what works (because MS has dropped so many bombs).

Some people are concerned they aren't casting the net wide enough, and go back as far as 10.6 and support 32-bit. But realistically, the vast majority of people who are actively buying plugins (not just sticking with what they have with the thought of someday buying a new computer) don't go back that far—it's fretting over a tiny sliver of the market.

Use the latest version of Xcode. There's no good reason for using an old one. Sure, if you're trying to compile with gcc and things that are no longer Xcode default (because the project you're starting with is old), you're going to need to do some work. But there is no sense tying yourself to old and deprecated things that get more and more cumbersome as time goes on. Apple doesn't carry baggage as long as MS/Windows.
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