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Human being with feelings
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Default iOS version anybody?

Is there any try to port ninjam to the iOS - iPhone/iPad?
I have a half acoustic guitar that I can't get less noisy than on the iPhone. You can whack me on my head for being lame (and you're right!) but I wanna try ninjam on the phone. Probably there was some try in porting?


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Human being with feelings
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ninjam to the iOS? that's a cool idea man! I also want to try it..
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Human being with feelings
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Default iOS would be great, but...

Developing an iOS app ain't free. Unless possibly if it only runs on a jailbreak. Usual apps need support from Apple to make them available, and for a cost. Not hugely expensive, but would it pay for itself? I'd much prefer to use Ninjam on iOS iPad/iPod/iPhone, but haven't the time or $$ to do it myself right now...
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