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Default Midi volume issue

I'm completely new to "midi in Reaper" and I'm struggling a bit. Couple things...

#1) I created a track as "new midi item"...have adjusted the volume in the plugin and it sounds great during testing and recording. Upon playback, however, the volume is MUCH weaker. (in the console meter as well). I've played with disarming, checked properties and the volumes are all 0db...nothing moved. I've started several new projects and they all keep doing this?

#2) Using "new midi item"...when I try to insert a "new midi item" it just wants to put it on the same track. How do I record midi with each take as an independent track? I tried recording as virtual instrument...but the midi info doesn't show up and the playback isn't always there.

Any assistance will be most appreciated!

...solved I was using the keyboard in the FX engine instead of "virtual keyboard". (or a controller, I assume) This also fixed problem #2 (sort of), as I was able to record both as a wav and as midi. Not sure about the "new midi item"...but, I've got "tracks now"! Whoo hoo! I would have deleted this post...but I don't see where to do that.

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