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Default dark background for fx chain window, non frame windows

Hello friends,

i would not be surprised if this has been discussed before, but a quick search gave me no good result.... please forgive me if this request is redundant.

-> A dark background for the fx chain window, the action list window and others, as an option, is a feature i want to request.

-> Why? The thing is... using a dark mode throughout Reaper (and throughout windows!)...
it´s just not very nice to the eyes.
Also the fx chain window flashes very anoyingly when changing tracks with the fx-chain open. I hope this might be better with an dark background.

My eyes are rather sensitive, so i can imagine for many people this is no issue at all.

I am aware that reaper uses OS elements. That is a good thing i guess, couse i rather have the best daw in the world to be as stable, lightweight and performant as it is. Eyecandy comes second.
So i have no idea if this request is a huge thing to implement... in that case lets not reinvent the wheel. When the OS offers all the elements needed for menues, windows, whatnot - its efficient and sufficiant to use these elements.
But lately dark mode is becoming more and more popular and windows has it´s own dark mode. I assume it´s up to the app developer to use it, but i don´t really know anything about that...

I would also love to have an option to show (fx-) windows with no frame at all...

(Just a side note: Miss OSX for the looks of OS elements... i just never liked the look of windows...)
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FR already exists:

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Hey, thanks for pointing me there.
That is a very detailed and well written post!

I´m just afraid this is something that is still messy on windows side, and not at all easy to implement.
9 out of 10 i rather have bug fixes and features, compared to cosmetics.
Still... that white chain window on dark background is a bummer...
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