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Default X Touch One running with CSI and extensions?

Did anyone manage to configure and have the Behringer XTouch One running with Reaper in MACOS, using CSI and/or the extender published by Mike@Ossarium?
I tried with CSI by itself first, then added the extender, and never got it to completely work. With the first, some actions din't work like the fader or slide. And when adding the extender, those were fixed but some other broken like the channel navigator, zoom, etc.
I followed all instruction in both libraries and tried with 1.07 and 1.04 firmware versions without success.
Currently I rolled back to 1.04 and using Mackie universal protocol that works fine but several actions not present.
Please, if anyone did it, please share any tip or hidden conf needed to be done.

Thanks in advance!
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Here are my CSI files for the X-Touch One.


It was developed using MCU Std mode. The Reaper MCU mode had one non-functioning button.

You should also check out the .png attached to see how I mapped it.

There are two zone folders, one that's intended to be used if you prefer a "SelectedTrack" workflow. Another if you'd rather have the surface channel independent from the selected track in Reaper and would like to navigate channels yourself.

If the Fader isn't working in SelectedTrack mode, make sure the surface itself is transmitting on the first fader first (see my notes in the .zon file).

After that, feel free to customize it as needed.
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Hey!! this is very cool! I didn't expect this.
Thanks so much.
Will try it and let you know how it worked.
Thanks again!

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