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Default Thar She Blows - Tascam Model 24

I've had this for a couple weeks now. I got it because I do a lot of initial composing/writing with just my guitar/amp and pedal board with a couple of loopers. There usually becomes a phase where I need more (like vocals) but for a myriad of reasons, I do not want to move to a computer/DAW yet.

It eventually ends up in Reaper, but at least 60% of the time, it's just more efficient, simpler and faster to use old school dedicated hardware. I've been looking around for awhile and this unit really bridges the gap and adds some cool hybrid options:

1. My normal cadence of the looper/amp but mic'd into a track on the Tascam. I can then overdub and try things on ~24 tracks and really 'rough mix' to great extent.

2. I can haul it to a gig or rehearsal and use it as the PA mixer and record the full band live.

3. I can MTC it with Reaper - say I want a drum track from Reaper synced. My choices are keep it hybrid and I can copy the Tascam tracks into reaper later when it's far enough along and align with the drum track in Reaper. Or... I can record the drum mix coming from Reaper onto two tracks in the Tascam (I can do this via digital or analog).

4. I can set it as Reaper's ASIO interface. Take an existing Reaper project and set folders/groups or up to 20'ish tracks to feed into the Tascam tracks via ASIO hardware outputs. Since the mixer is all analog, it can be used as an analog summer/mixdown unit. This isn't high on my list but I did try it and it works. In this setup, I technically have the reaper track and any features FX etc. that then routes to the analog channel.

5. More hybrid stuff, I could technically set Reaper track inputs to Tascam ASIO outputs and flow in the other direction (or both). I don't have much reason to do this since I could as easily grab the files directly of the SD card and put in Reaper but it does offer various geeky creative options. There's more but these are the highlights I remember.

Other things I like...

- The per channel compressors are before the AD converter, they aren't great compressors but they can do what they are designed for which is to smooth out a highly dynamic peaky incoming signal.

- Except for the digital recorder, the entire unit is analog and very old school.

- If you ever had a PortaStudio et al back in the day, this is exactly like that workflow wise, warts and all. I wanted that though because it forces me to concentrate on the quality of the music and performance and most of all keeps the "millions of options, slice and dice" temptation off the table. This is a big one for me personally.

I could go on and on but thought I'd share. So far I'm loving it and it's super nice to be able to make a credible amount of music without having to move a &%* #*$&#$ mouse and deal with computer screens and app windows and god knows what LOL. /rant

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