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Default NI Freak Plugin Crash Reaper on Second Screen

Hello Everyone.

I have been having some stability problems recently with some plugins I have tested and the Plugin Boutique scaler issue was resolved by turning off OPENGL in the plugin settings, something not all plugins allow you to do. I digress but it could be useful information.

Anyway the free plugin from Native Instruments FREAK (current deal with any Purchase from PB) was crashing reaper as soon as it was opened with no option but to click "Wait for application to respond" which it never does , or Close application that also closes reaper. This occurs when I open Reaper, add a single track click FX and then open the plugin, nothing else going on. No scripts , as basic as it gets. I updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest etc to no avail then I stumbled across this post


So I tried opening Freak with Reaper on the Primary display and the plugin works, I can open close open close, drag to the second screen open and close no issues however. If I add the plugin to a track on the second screen , it causes Reaper to crash again.

I dread that absent mindedly I am in the middle of some Reaper project and I open a plugin and I lose all the work.

Any suggestions on a workaround, nature of the issue, where to go next ? Is this a Plugin issue I report to NI, or something Reaper can work around ? It also crashes in Bitwig , but Bitwig just reported the plugin crashed and didnt crash the DAW which would be an excellent bit of resilience Reaper would benefit from. It works in Maschine and Mixbus and screen selection doesnt seem to crash the plugin.

A bit long winded. Sorry, ive spent a lot of head scratching time today so offloading a little. Thanks for your input
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That is why they call it
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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
That is why they call it

Very good :-D .. But I have the answer. And it was buried in the Superuser Link Posted, not sure how i missed this the other day.

The problem seems to be a compatibility issue with one of the Audio software components for the Asus Motherboard I have, more specifically the Nahimic Service. Now I know this , there are well know issues that affects a lot of apps and tools that use OPENGL that conflicts with Nahimic.

Solution , the nuclear option ...

1. You can simply stop and disable the service in services.msc to stop it starting again on reboot.


2. Add reaper.exe to the Nahimic blacklist, which already has a lengthy prepopulated list by default !

Path to the .dat(txt) file on my PC is.

C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\AVolute.28054DF1F58B4\Modules\ScheduledModu les\Configurator\BlackApps.dat

Hope this helps others and this isn't a reaper issue specifically.

Would still be nice to have a sandbox approach for plugin crash resilience

Thanks for looking.
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