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Default New Reaper user with a lot of questions


I am new to this forum so I hope that I am posting in the right place.

Little introduction about me:
I started producing music many years ago in FL Studio, but it kept crashing on me and for some things I had to do it wasn’t efficient enough. Then when it happened that I was in the studio of the label I was working for and had to export things (MIdi, Audio, Tempomap etc) for doing a final Mix in Protools there were some many complications that from the 2 days of mixing/mastering 1 day went away just porting the project to their computer and get everything to play glitch-free and on grid. That was when I decided I had to switch DAW and I was advised Logic. I came to love most of Logic (except automation which is a major pita) but I kept missing a few features/workflows from FL Studio. And a major dowside of Logic is that it is buggy as hell which drove me crazy enough to again switch DAW. I attempted Cubase which uses a similar mindset to Logic but again while some things were much better/faster others were much worse and cumbersome and I just couldn’t change them in the preferences.

So I came to think, how awesome would it be if I was just able to program my own DAW, have the pianoroll work like FL, automations like Cubase, arrangement like Logic... and then I found out about the customizability of REAPER! Specially the custom mouse modifiers sold me in it.

Tried it out, customized the hell out of it and when doing some workflow tests each time I got stuck trying to do a task I thought “it would be best if it could work like this..” and after a little searching and googling I managed to get most of the things to work like I want and have all functions I need just 1 click/keystroke away. I am already totally in love with this DAW! And it has so many features and performs some tasks with mindblowing modesty where other DAWs say “hey, are you crazy? Why should I be able to do such complicated tasks with ease?”. Just don’t understand how Reaper (specially at this price) is not as popular as Cubase, Logic and co as the best DAW is the one with the best workflow and in Reaper you can litterally create your own workflow.

Anyway.. the human nature is like that the more you have the more you want. And while I got most things already to work like I want and am very surprised and thankful for those, some things still are not quite right for me and I want to put Reaper under a real stress test to see how far I can stretch its customizability.
For this reason I have A LOT of questions like “Is it possible to set Reaper up to do this in that way?” and maybe somethings are possible in a way and those that aren’t I am thinking to turn into feature requests.

So I am wondering how would this forum like me to handle this? Should i put them all in a big long thread to not litter the forum with post just by me or is it better to create a new thread for each question/feature so that people who want to find out the same thing can easily find a desicated thread when searching on Google (the way I already sorted out a lot of my questions)?

Let me know! Hoping for a nice and helpful time with you guys on this forum and hope that I will be able to give back to the community.

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Hello Phazma and welcome to these forums. You'll find many helpful people here and a lot of useful information. Make sure that you:
best approach:
-- watch the relevant videos,
-- learn the main terms used in Reaper
-- Search the User Manual for specific topics (reading it all at once could overload you!),
-- Search the forum - some-else has almost certainly asked a similar question,
-- ask separate, specific questions in the best sub-forum here (start off with newbieland)
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You are far bettrr off posting each question in a separate thread. Even single topic question threads often stray from the topic and have multiple overlapping conversations where they never get around to intersecting with the answers...
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yep... one at a time please
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Ok thanks guys!

I will check the links DarkStar has posted and also see if I can find some answers in the user manual. And for those questions which I can't find an answer in a video, forum thread or manual chapter I will ask in the forum with 1 thread per question.
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