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Default (i3/i7) Hyper-Threading: i5 or Xeon E3?

Hey guy,:
Keep in mind I am also an IT so I'm not ignorant to computing.

Does anyone know if the Reaper uses logical threads from your CPU or only physical cores? I currently have a DAW that was originally a gaming PC. Its got an Intel i3-4130 which has hyper-threading (2 Physical Cores, 2 Logical Cores, 4-Threads).

I'm not sure if Reaper benefits from Hyper-Treading and if its better to disable HT until get a better CPU; if I will need to upgrade at all. This i3 has been powerful with gaming applications.

Also, if I get a new CPU, it will be one that can handle long hours of use. Of course the Intel Xeon come to mind but Im not spending more than $200 on a CPU. My options are between a Intel i5-4XXX or Intel Xeon E3-1220V3. Not really sure which one is better for Reaper.
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