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Default Stop-proof mode

I wonder if there is any functions to secure recording during recording process; a kind of record-lock or stop-proof mode option.

I do a lot of live recordings and I'm often scared of accidently stopping recording by hitting the wrong key. It would be great to have a button or command that prevents recording to be stopped just after been started. For exemple, you start recording, you clic on that button and then whatever you do on your keyboard the recording never stops. And if you want to really stop, you disable that fonction and then you stop record the way you normally do.

So far I have never found such a function, action or script that does that thing.

Any thoughts
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Hi Boubou,
I absolutely understand your worries.

In Reaper, you can have different keyboard assignment for actions in recording mode.
Look in Actions window, typically you'll be in "Main" section. You can see it in top right dropdown menu in Action window. There you can select "Main (alt recording)" and remove all (I mean all dangerous) keyboard shortcuts and leave only few essentials, or zou can assign stop action some hard to press key combination (something like Ctrl+Alt+Win+Shift+Esc you know

Then in 'play' mode everything works as usual, but when recording (in 'record' mode) only key shortcuts assigned for this mode are active
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Thanks akademie
I'll try it!
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