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Default Active Fader - reset to middle postion via MIDI

Is there a way to replicate the behavior of the active fader in MIDI, When using via mouse you click on it, move it, let go and it resets to the middle position. essentially allowing you to scale the full range of the envelope.

I have tried playing with the following commands:

Automation lane : set active fader (midi/osc only)
Automation lane: Increase fader a little bit
Automation lane: Decrease fader a little bit

and then played with absolute vs relative settings (using Maschine MK3 as controller).

The issue i am having is that when using midi the active fader is remembering the position of the fader/cc knob so that when i move to a different region i do not have the full range of movement available to me.

I am trying to set up mu midi controller so that either a button or CC knob will move the selected region of the envelop up or down whilst pressed,but when letting go of it have it reset to middle position again.

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Once you add an envelope, the automation takes over control. If you enable touch, latch or write automation, you can use the knob to further adjust the envelope.

Check out the automation section of preferences if you want to tweak the behavior. There is e.g. an option there to immediately create an envelope when tweaking a parameter.

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