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Default REQ: Script to insert marker with specific name

Hey everyone,
Is there a script that can insert marker with specific name? (Obviously the user would have to set this name first.)

"Insert Named Marker", perhaps?

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Hi! In quotes where "Username" enter your name
In the second field (color) you can change the color - reaper.ColorToNative("Red number", "Green number", "Blue number")
By default there is red


local name = "Username"
local color = reaper.ColorToNative(180,60,50)|0x1000000

local _, num_markers, _ = reaper.CountProjectMarkers(0)
local cursor_pos = reaper.GetCursorPosition()

reaper.AddProjectMarker2(0, 0, cursor_pos, 0, name, num_markers+1, color)

reaper.Undo_EndBlock("Insert marker", -1)
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