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Default Locked Items

Is there any way to completely lock an item?

Now, even even if items is locked, I can still change his pitch...
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Originally Posted by jfbsauve View Post
Is there any way to completely lock an item?

Now, even even if items is locked, I can still change his pitch...
I don't think you can do that per individual items, but If you enable the Lock button in toolbar and right click it to open the lock properties window, there is an option to lock item envelopes, that will lock all item envelopes.

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The Item Lock Icon only locks an Item's left edge, right edge and its ability to move vertically and horizontally. I wish it would affect all parameters of the Item, but that's how it is.

The Lock Icon in the upper-left of REAPER's interface could use some improvements as well but that's another topic, I suppose.
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AFAIK Reaper's item lock behavior, where it's not completely locked from being altered, is still as it has been. A locked item is, um, mostly locked. Search for other threads on the topic.
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