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Originally Posted by Valle View Post
No, it's not.

What goes for the rest of your post, I believe you're a bit too fixated on REAPER as a brand rather than seeing REAPER as a DAW. My views will most likely seem wrong and fluff-ish to you no matter what.

REAPER is unique to you. That's OK
Haha, well whatever mate, you're the one claiming it's not unique - i've presented numerous objective facts to demonstrate it is, yet you're unable to intellectually argue against them or provide any evidence to go against that.

IOW you can't back up the claims you're making.

Now you're happy to walk away with the belief that i'm fixated on brands and being subjective on the matter - which is diversion tactics in full flow, i've been very specific on it's uniqueness but if you can't argue against that at least be respectful on the matter.

Why am i even bothered by this? Well, as a professional coder it's really offensive reading your stance on it being 'just code', when there's so much philosophising, design ideas, concepts etc. that goes into small projects, let alone something the size of Reaper. And may i add a shit ton of passion and vision.

It's how software development works, and a project like Reaper is a beam of light for electronic musicians on a budget, or who're willing to put the leg work in to get something totally customised to suit their workflow and/or setup. I'm amazed that as a user you don't even comprehend that.

I guess a well sculptured piece of furniture is just 'wood' and a rare piece of art is just 'paint' right? It's not possible for them to be unique as their underlying base material is as stated, just like code. Pfft!

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