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Default SSD Issues - playback (Long story)

I really tried to search for an answer to my problem but with few answers. So here we go. I've been using Reaper for around 5 years now and I have it perfected and customized to my work flow, I know longer have to think how to do things in Reaper it's just fluid using it. OK so I have a 2012 late model Mini Mac, i7 CPU 16 gig ram running OSX Yosemite v10.10.5 I had a 1 TB external 7200 rpm USB 3 drive for all my audio projects. Mind you I rarely had any problems in mixing large track counts and tons of plugins. The internal drive was around 5 years old and was a 5400 RPM. I was also having problems (so I thought) with the playback and writing to the external drive so this where I started having problems. I purchased a 1TB Crucial SDD and had my local Mac guys backup and replace the internal drive. Brought it home, hooked it up to my system and my external spinner project drive and it seemed to work fine. Very fast! Testing it with Reaper is where I starting having playback issues. Crackling and actually slowing down! I thought well I might have to mess with buffering though everything was working fine before with stock settings. Didn't help. I tried resetting PRAM SRAM with no luck. Then I purchased a Samsung 500GB SDD to replace my external spinner thinking it was going bad and that that was the problem all along. The install was simple USB3 straight into the Mini MAC. Formatted for MAC Journaled case sensitive using the utility. I engaged TRIM control.
The studdering continued. Mainly when beginning playback and when I moved quickly around the markers. Sometimes after I make a change it seems to work perfectly for a while. Then I take a break, come back and the studers are back! I am exhausted with trying different preferences and am wondering if it's a TRIM issue or something with the SSD's formatting? I'm at my wit's end and I now have 4 projects I need to get out soon. I also use Mixbus and it seems to do the same thing in Mixbus 32C so I am beginning to think it's a hardware issue. Might using TRIM be the culprit? I been working I.T. for over 30 years (Windows Enterprise etc.) So I know my way around a computer terminal but this is just driving me to drink! If anyone had these problems I'd like to try ANYTHING! -- Thanks in advance! - Rich
--Mac Mini, 2.3 ghz, 16g ram, OSX Yosemite 10.10 Crucial 1TB SSD, 500GB Samsung T5 SSD ext Audio drive,dual 27" displays, Reaper 64 bit latest, Akai Professional EIE 4X4 interface, Mackie MR8 Mk 3 8" Monitors, Infinity 10" Sub.
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