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Michael Z Freeman
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Default Including DJ deck fx in my music with a virtual turntable (Blender Game Engine)

Youtube video: Creating DJ turntable effects in Blender Game Engine using physics of platter rotation


There's a download through the link in the Youtube description. There should be a download there. I have not tested it with latest Blender but can always fix it.

So after trying free VST "deck fx" plugins I was not very impressed. I started looking into what actually makes that sound so unique on DJ turntables like the Technics 1210 and derivatives. It's actually the physics of the heavy platter combined with the powerful motor (fast spin up time) that drives it. I reproduced this in Blender Game Engine (BGE) using the physics simulation in the engine. It works ! It's exactly the sound I'm looking for outside of actually using time code vinyl and goodness knows if that can be tied to Reaper.

Now the job is to somehow (if its possible) use the BGE turntable as a virtual control surface for Reaper using MTC or OSC to control the track speed, although I'm not even sure if it's possible to control tracks/samples independently in this way.

Why use Reaper ? Well, at the moment it would make sense (at least it makes sense TO ME!) not to reinvent an entire mixer/track/sample loading system in BGE. Reaper already does all of that. I could as easily use Mixxx for this but at the moment I'm thinking of using deck fx in music compositions.

So what do you people think ? Could Reaper keep up with real time speed control messages from my BGE device ? Is it possible ?
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