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Default Media Explorer issues

Reaper automatically selects a media item when you insert it from the media explorer - this is good. However, it also RETAINS whatever was selected before you inserted the item (but only if autocreating a track for said item, oddly)... this, coupled with the fact that when Reaper does autocreate the new track for the new media item it always does so at the bottom of the project window, leads to clumsy errors for me for me when editing parts and realising something else is also selected.

Also, when you select an item in the media explorer window, then click over to the main project window, then click back to the media explorer, you lose your previous item selection highlight in the media explorer, so you can't clearly see where you were. This is frustrating.

Also, does anybody know of a way to make the media explorer always preview directly through the master track, regardless of track selection? If not, then this should be an option too.

Here's an example of the workflow issues - I'll decide I need a guiro sample, so I'll start rooting through a percussion folder in my sample library via media explorer. I then realise I'm not monitoring it properly because I have some track selected that is muted or filtered or whatever, so I go back to the project window and unselect all tracks - I go back to the media explorer so I can now preview correctly, perhaps I had found a sound with promise before I clicked across, but now I don't know which one that is because the highlighted selection has gone. I find a sound, double click to enter it into the project, but it appears right at the bottom of the project window. I go to move it into place, at which point I realise something else was already selected previously, so it moves that too.

Here's what I'd like to see -

!. The option to always monitor media items through the Master out.

2. Keep the list highlight in place in the media explorer when clicking out of it and back in again.

3. The option to unselect all previous items whenever we import items from media explorer. Weirdly, when you drag and drop a media item onto an existing track it does work this way, unselecting the previous items and only selecting the one you just inserted, but it doesn't do this when it autocreates a track for the new media item - strange.

4. The option to, when autocreating new tracks on media explorer import, place the track directly below/above the currently selected track. Or give us drag and drop the functionality to create a new track where ever we like rather than just at the bottom, this could be triggered by dragging the item to the middle point between two tracks (for example).

I wondered if the last two could be done using custom actions, but I think it would require combining actions from the media explorer and main action menu, which is not possible I believe.
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