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Default Fixed FAT vs NTFS timestamps with DST change


Here in Australia daylight saving time has just kicked in again, and a whole bunch of files that live on my flash drive (FAT32) are suddenly considered different. I've always assumed that it was due to the 2 second timestamp resolution and DST in combination but this time I decided to fix the problem.

(Unfortunately, I don't have a C compiler setup, so it was just easier to hack the exe its self and change the 10000000 and -10000000 values to 20000000 and -20000000.)

The correct change in the source is to change these two values on line 1448:

  dateMatch = l < 10000000 && l > -10000000;
  dateMatch = l < 20000000 && l > -20000000;
Justin, if you could incorporate this change into the source it would be nice.

Also, I'd also be interested in that unicode/UTF-8 version that you mentioned a little while ago.


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