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Default Reaper Routing to 1/2 signal leak problem

Hello there,

I am breaking my head about a bus problem I'm having using Reaper on
Windows 10 with MOTU the ultralite-mk4. Using a normal stereo master bus, I
am not able to pan completely to the left or right in the sense that I
will always still hear the signal in the other channel. Also when I pan
the concerning channels (for example Computer USB1 and Computer USB2)
inside the MOTU Control mixer to left and right the signal is still
leaking to the other channel. My workaround right now is that use
Computer USB1 as the left channel inside reaper and pan that one to the
left inside MOTU and then use Computer USB3 for the right channel inside
reaper and pan that one to the right inside the MOTU Control mixer, but
this is a quite annoying workaround. I haven't been able to find the
solution online. Somehow these channels seem to be paired - so I'm
wondering where I can switch this off.

When I use my Tascam 16x08 I have the same issue, when I use Reaper. With Pro Tools, I don't have this issue: outputs 1/2 on both the Tascam and MOTU have normal full panning behaviour. So there's some problem with Reaper.

I am really breaking my head on this one. So any help / advice, would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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