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Default Distortion in playback after saving project

Hello Reaper-users,

I’m new here and I hope there will be somsone that can help me with my problem with Reaper.
I used Reaper for 4-5 years on a Windows machine, everything was working fine, but recently I’m switched to an iMac (2017 27” MacOS Catalina) and Reaper is now causing problems with the playback.

I make a new project, insert mediafiles and can play this back without problems, you can hear the clicktrack and there is no distortions. After saving the project, closing Reaper and then reopening the project again something strange happens when you play it back: you can’t hear the Clicktrack anymore and after a few seconds distortion of the sound occurs.
This will happen by all my other old Reaper project to.
It occurs when I use the intern speakers, but also when I use my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4.

I use Reaper v6.03/64 Catalina version

With the file itself is nothing wrong, I send it to someone else and he can play it without problems, but he is using an older MacOS as I have.
On the MacBook Pro (15” 2017 MacOS Mojave) from my girlfriend occurs the same problem with Reaper v6.03/64
I have made the same project in Audacity and then there is no distortion. Thus the problem must be in Reaper.

I have made a video of the problem, so you can see what I do and hear the result for yourself, if you want: https://youtu.be/yQ8tUuaTaE8

I hope that there is someone on this forum that can help me, I’m almost getting nuts about this, I’ve tried so much things for days now, but the problem stays the same.

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