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Default Changing vst presets with midi controller in reaper


I was able to change presets with my nektar midi controller in some vsts which showed the presets in reapers drop down menu. Im now trying with another midi controller to program two buttons to the same thing but cant get it to work. What midi cc code do i need to use for reaper to change presets?

Thanks in advance
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That's sort of the wrong question.

If the VST tells Reaper it only has one preset (well, "No preset", actually) and then, internally, presents a control that allows you to change its sounds, then Reaper isn't to know. However, there may be automation relating to the control and there may be MIDI CC relating to the control -- but that's entirely down to the VST.

You can see exposed automation (with the naming supplied by the VST) from the Reaper FX track window "Param" button -- with options for binding the automation controls in various ways (including to MIDI CC).

Finally, if the VST does support multiple presets, you can use the "+" button (to the left of the "Param" button) to link a MIDI Program Change to a particular preset. (I've not tried this but I'm assuming the PC values bind automatically to the presets, sequentially - so you don't really get to choose the allocation scheme.)
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Just found a solution here: https://forum.cockos.com/showthread....idi+controller

Thanks to Outboarder
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