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Default Need more Visual Feedback when nudging. Error Prone

I noticed that's it's very easy to get confused and lose track of what you've just done and whether a nudge actually did anything, and that can lead to errors or nudging the wrong item, and than having to undo a lot of stuff and start again, or just mess up your project.

So basically the nudge window seems to stay open and regardless of what item is selected or whether none is selected.

That's part is ok. But, the nudge window provides no visual feedback at all whether it has done something or not, or to what item. Say you moved the cursor in between nudges, or even accidently clicked somewhere, and you don't notice that no item is selected. Well nudge nudges nothing. You may think you've nudged something but you haven't. Particularly when not zoomed in enough to see the item move, but you can just easily miss it regardless.

Hey, no reporting problems without offering solutions right?

It would be ideal if the nudge window actually confirmed what it had done on what item. I guess just a little text line that says the item and the nudge amount or "no item found". The amount, e.g. -2ms, would also be very useful to avoid errors.

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