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Default How to auto-set outputs

I'm running reaper on Lion and figured out how to get a large number of tracks to auto-input sequentially, but I can't find a way to do the same for the track outputs so that track 1 outputs to 1 2 to 2 and so on up to 64 (I'm using an RME MADIFACE) .

Anyone know how to do this to 64 chl outs in a session automatically?

Also does anyone know how to bring up the Matrix as shown in the manual on a Mac? The shortcut specified in the manual "alt- R" does not work. Guessing it might be a PC only shortcut.

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routing matrix can be accessed from the View menu

You can customize ALL keyboard shortcuts with the Actions list.

Routing matrix is the fastest way to assign outputs.
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I stumbled over this question because I asked myself today the same thing:
Is it possible to assign hardware outputs sequentially (as it is possible with the hardware inputs)? Maybe the context menu visible when right-clicking the routing button could be used for that?

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Option-R works on my iMac (granted it isn't Lion) with a standard Reaper (OSX 10.12.6, Reaper v5.965 rev 3a8222) and brings up the routing matrix quite nicely.
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