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Default Macintouch puts Reaper mention on front page

Macintouch, probably the best Mac resource to bookmark if you only want to check into one place for Mac info and forego the silliness of unmoderated schoolyards like AppleInsider, gives a front page mention to Reaper. Just alluding to it showing up in a conversation there so not much info. Alas, so much wrong info (not so much about Reaper, just in general: professional ProTools advocate who says main reason he can't use Reaper is its faulty delay compensation is the same one who says GarageBand can't deal in uncompressed audio, so who knows what basement he's writing from. And add in poor inexperienced audio questioner and you get a pretty terrible conversation. But props to Ric Ford for his usual ability to recognize a subject mentioned worth putting on the front links.



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